This work is a collaboration between SHIRAZ & DARYAN and fashion designer Nakisa Nasab. The concept of the project was based on some paintings done by Afarin Sajedi. The garments are designed to be a resemblance of what is going on in those paintings.


Symbolism was a movement in Literature and Visual Arts, rooted to Romanticism (1885-1910). The inception of new movements in Literature and Poetry that dated back to the 20th century was caused by Symbolism. Symbolists believed that producing symbols from ideas is what art in general needs, rather than representing their visual imagination of the object. Painters such as Auguste Rodin, Gustave Moreau and Pierre Puvis de Chavannes in France, Jan Toorop in Netherlands, Ferdinand Hodler in Switzerland, Gustav Klimt in Austria, Mikhail Vrubel in Russia and Giovanni Segantini in Italy all followed this movement. Paul Gauguin is considered a Symbolist among some art experts.


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