Sketch #01.

The concept of the first sketch was to gather around the four essential elements of Just Green Labs in a design. The shape of the circle resembles the feeling of wholeness in the eyes of the viewers. The logotype has the capability to be used separately on company documents.


Sketch #02.

The idea behind the second design was to visualize the knowledge and science of economical chemistry used for developing the product. The leaf sign has the capability to be adapted as the company symbol.


LEAF-LIKE EDGES The edges of the letters are changed to look like the edges of a leaf in order to give a united visual identity to the whole design.
BIOCHEMISTRY The circles resemble science, knowledge, and chemistry.
LEAF The leaf is a symbol of greenery, ecological, environment-friendly, caring.
HANDWRITING FONT The reason behind choosing the handwriting font was to give the down to earth feeling to the viewer.


Sketch 03.

The third design portraits a combination of a real leaf turned into a vectorized illustration and the logotype. The soft edges of the type imply the feeling of modesty and friendliness. The leaf and the logotype are capable of having different layouts according to the places they are used in.