Mehrnoosh Shahhosseini is without doubt one of the most unique fashion designers in Tehran, Iran at the moment. Her designs are worn by well-known actors, musicians, and artists in Cannes Film Festival, concerts, and theatrical plays. In this page a number of photography and videography projects are presented.


2013 - Siah

The concept of this project was to showcase a collection of black garments designed by Mehrnoosh Shahhosseini.


• Fashion Photography
• Editorial Design
• Videography


2014 - Kitsch

The idea behind this project was to present the word "KITSCH" in a fashion photoshoot. Here you can see the result of the 3-Day photoshoot.


2015 - Noir


2017 - Qeshm

Qeshm is an Iranian island located in the Persian Gulf. This project was inspired by the handmade fabrics of Qeshm.