For this project we were asked to design a number of collage and textile designs. The message in the designs was to connect the Australian culture to Iranian culture.


• Fabric Design
• Collage Art
• Graphic Design


01. Cockatoo is one of the birds that are mainly distributed in Australia.
02. A woman from the Qajar era dancing to Tar, an ancient Persian musical instrument.
03. Kangaroos are originally from Australia and are counted as an Australian symbol.



01. A wavy sea behind the person portraits a symbol of Australia.
02. The kangaroo sign engraved on Santur, Persian musical instrument.
03. A gesture of the Sydney Opera House as a hat for the musician.



01. A kangaroo as an Australian symbol.
02. An old map of Australia blended on the wall of the original image.
03. Old nomadic carpet from Persia.



Retouching Famous Traditional Tile Design