Design Process


As discussed earlier, we aimed to start with designing the screw cap and label for rosé wine, however as we began the process we deeply felt the lack of having a reliable brand identity to have as the base for the new designs. That is why we decided to start from the scratch and build the visual identity at first and continue to design the screw cap and label after that.

According to the product type and the target market (women between the age of 21-34 as the major part), we chose colors and typographies to match the personality of both the product and customer simultaneously. Use of vintage pastel colors and delicate fonts were two main points in the design identity that were kept in mind. The Day brand and especially the Rose wine produced by this brand has been very successful and has found its place in the market. Therefore we did not want the buyers to see a completely new brand identity, that is the reason why we kept the new visual identity in accordance with the existing identity.


In the beginning, we started with designing a similar logotype to Vintage & Eroded Font and the current logo of The Day company. However as we went forward with experimenting with the design and brainstorming what the logo aims to achieve, we realized that having the vintage flowers as an all-time accessory will limit the capability of the logo appearing in different positions and locations (e.g., on the letterhead of the company where the brand is usually portrayed in a more serious way or when a black & white version of the logo is needed).

That is why we came up with a strategy of having a main logo for the brand and different sub-logos for each line or category of the wine. In the following section, you will see the designs for three main categories of the produced wine by The Day company and the relating logo designs.


Label & Screw Cap

The label for each category will have its own design but the main logo is visible on the back label and the screw cap. At the top of the screw cap we can have the relating logo to each category in a sketch style.