Dear Louise and Sandra,

I hope this cover letter finds you well. I am writing it with great enthusiasm in regards to the internship position at Plym Projekt. I have been managing my own company in partnership with my husband over the past seven years. I have gathered a lot of insight and now I’m eager to experience the new chapter in my life by working in a creative and open company like Plym Projekt.

In your internship posting, you mention that you want someone who understands design. In my 7 years of experience, I have dealt with various design projects with different clients. One common characteristic of all the projects was that I never missed a deadline. I started my path by self-learning photography and advanced to learning how to organize and manage projects in addition to acquiring knowledge in design softwares like Adobe Photoshop. 

In my first meeting with Louise, I understood how building an effective client bond and understanding is needed while working on projects at your company. I strongly believe that a well-handled client relation can always help the challenges to shift through the positive side and achieve fruitful results.

When I saw the position opening, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to offer you both my experience as well as my passion for interior design. The opportunity to learn more about this field is, without doubt, a great step for me. I’ve included my CV so you can learn more about my background and my work experience. Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Zahra Shirazi

Zahra Shirazi CV .jpg
Zahra Shirazi CV 2.jpg