The main concept of the present project was to design a corporate identity for Lila Valadan brand. Lila Valadan is a rug company located in Hamburg, Germany. The corporate identity design included the logo, icons, stationery, catalog and book design. The project involved different types of photography as architectural and product photography.

Lila Valadan

01. Logo Design - Minimalism

The corporate identity of Lila Valadan was inspired by the incredible minimalism which exists in ancient Persian rugs and crafts. The logo was not an exception. It follows the same ideology in addition to referring to the rectangular shape of a rug. The initials of the brand (L and V) are embodied as one corner of the rug which shape the monogram of the logo.


• Corporate Identity Design
• Website Design
• Photography
• Editorial Design
• Graphic Design


02. Icon Design - Consistency

The client needed a unique way to represent their 4 different collections of the rugs. After receiving the philosophy behind each collection, we were able to come up with a solution to solve this problem. We designed four different icons to illustrate each collection. The icons follow the same way of thinking that exists in the core identity of the brand.


03. Editorial Design
Over 10 books and catalogs in the last 5 years

Based on the needs of the company at various stages, different editorial pieces were designed to match the requirements.


04. Poster Design

The posters were created with two different techniques which are handmade collage and digital graphic design. Here you can view two samples of the poster designs.


05. Photography - Telling a story

A photo can tell a hundred stories. The photographs are an important part of the visual identity of the brand. Here is when carrying out different styles of photography is practical.