Ernst Haeckel Font

Ernst Haeckel Font is designed by shirāz & dāryān. The font is inspired by Ernst Haeckel’s illustrations (Kunstformen der Natur). The aim of this project was to cherish and value the amazing work of Ernst Haeckel. May it be that with the help of this project, Haeckel’s efforts and accomplishments be more known and appreciated.

Line Art Font Cover

Line Art Font

This font is inspired by lines and the way they can be bent. You can download it for free. And if you like, you can suggest it to your friends, too.

Pixel Art Typeface Cover

Pixel Art Typeface

In today’s digital world, choosing the best font for your projects is one of the most important stages of the work. Nothing puts a finishing touch on your graphical or editorial work better than a proper font. Pixel font is designed based on pixels, so it is sharper than regular fonts. In the following project you’ll see all 428 glyphs of the font, sample use of it and also the languages which are supported by this font.

Vintage & Eroded Font Cover

Vintage & Eroded Font

Vintage and Eroded Font by aleph This is a font designed by shirāz & dāryān. The alphabet pack is consisted of tiff files which you can use. German alphabet is supported. We will add other languages, too. The illustrations used in this work are not ours. We would also love to see what you did with them.

Pixel Art Products Cover

Pixel Art Products

In September of 2015 we created Pixel Art Font. The font is based on pixels and has a minimalistic style. Later on we decided to create 3D graphics from each letter.